Welcome to bluetoothobd2.com. This site introduces a new style of automotive diagnostic scan tools. What is new is that you can use your smartphone or laptop as a display of the scan tool and navigate as well. All you need is an adapter that connects your vehicle’s computer to your device.

Back then, around ’90, I spent hundreds of dollars to put additional gauges on my car such as tachometer, coolant temperature meter, oil pressure gauge, and boost meter. It looked nice, beautiful, like a race car interior, but it cost me a lot of  money.

Also, not long ago, auto mechanics, do-it-yourselfers or car enthusiasts needed a scanner to see a car’s data and trouble codes to diagnose to find out what problem a car has. Those scanners cost at least a couple of hundreds of dollars. Their displays are tiny, mostly show only text, just like old cell phones.

Nowadays, however, thanks to great advance of technology, you can get all features for less than $100, as long as you have PC or Smartphone. All you need is an adapter that connects vehicles to PC or smartphone and software installed by PC or Smartphone. Not only you can retrieve trouble codes but also you can see Live Data on a display of PC or Smartphone. Moreover, if  they are connected to the internet you can search additional information and possible causes for trouble codes you just retrieved in no time.

The price of adapters varies from model to model.  The least expensive one is around 20 to 40 dollars. Speaking of software, they are not so expensive and most software offers a free version so you can try before you buy it.

Which one of adapters is the best for you? You can find it here.

2 thoughts on “Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter

  • July 10, 2013 at 8:36 pm

    we need blutooth obd2 adapter by whicj i can punch data to vehicle ecm from my pc.

    huge qty req.
    pls contacxt with better support


    • August 8, 2013 at 6:48 pm

      OBD adapters or cables introducing in this website is generic, means that you can read codes, monitor sensors’ data, and records them, but can’t control or map ECM.
      You will need dealer tools to do that, like VAG-COM for VW and Audi, INPA/Ediabas for BMW, etc.


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