With no subscription fees! obdCANeX Lite is an Android application. This app allows you to do OBDII car remote control. With your smartphone, you can lock and unlock the doors, activate the panic alarm, remote start and shut-off, open and close the windows, and control car audio.

Currently, obdCANeX Lite OBDII Car Remote app is compatible with GM vehicle 2007-2012 (some models are not supported).  The developer is now testing other makes and models. Hopefully, more and more makes and models will be compatible in the future.

To use this OBDII Car Remote app,  you need an Android smartphone with Bluetooth capability and OBDLink MX. OBDLink MX is Bluetooth connection on-board diagnostic interface. The application needs to access to vehicle’s computer. OBDLink MX connects vehicle’s computer by plugging into OBD port, usually located under the dash. OBD system has been mainly used for auto diagnostics purpose. But now you can take advantage of this great innovation.

OBDLink MX supports many other auto diagnostics applications, such as Torque, OBDLink, DashCommand, ScanXL, etc… You can use applications and interface as not only auto diagnostics but also gas saving by monitoring vehicle’s condition.

obdCANeX Lite OBDII Car Remote has recently upgraded. As of March 2013, its features are mentioned above plus “Voice Control” which allows you command your vehicle with your voice to start and shut off the engine, unlock and lock doors, and activate panic alarm. And it also reduced vehicle response time. It is faster than your original factory key fob!

obdCANeX Lite OBDII Car Remote app costs only $4.99 with no subscription fees.


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