If you own or work on Volkswagen or Audi vehicles, this is the best OBD software for the vehicles. VCDS (VAG-COM diagnostic system) is Windows PC software that is capable of performing as much as the dealer level factory diagnostic tools.

  • Full access to all systems of cars from 1990 through the current model year
  • All DTCs’ definition
  • Basic settings (e.g. calibrating the throttle body)
  • Adaptations (e.g. deactivating electronic parking brake)
  • Output tests
  • Resetting service reminder light
  • Record and playback Live Data

When you change rear brake pads of vehicles with Electronic Parking Brake, you need to deactivate parking brake to push back the piston of the caliper. The necessity of throttle body alignment is very common for VW and Audi vehicles after a throttle body replacement or disconnecting the battery. These are just a few things what VCDS can do. It can do anything because it can access to all systems.

VCDS can display up to 12 different Live Data in VC-SCOPE at the same time. VC-SCOPE is a graph or gauge style display that you can fully customize. It can also record all data retrieved during the diagnosis and playback for later analysis.

The huge database of VCDS has over 13,000 codes with descriptions. You do not need to look up additional information of each code.

HEX-USB+CAN is the only interface that works with all VW and Audi vehicles in model year 1990 through current model year. The interface acts as a dongle, you don’t need a registration process or licence key. A lot of 3rd party interfaces are around, but they do not allow you to access to all vehicle systems.

The software does not come with the interface. You can download the software from the Ross-Tech web site anytime.

OBD Scan Tool for VW / Audi
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