The location of OBD port (DLC, Date Link Connector) is hidden on most cars, usually under the dash. When you need to access to it, you need to crawl under the dash. Or maybe you don’t need to do so if you already know the location and have connected a scan tool many times, you may be able to connect only by groping. But there would be many benefits if you can move the location OBD port to your desired location. Let’s see some benefits.

First, you can access to DLC more easily. Easy access will save time and you don’t get frustrated.

Next, It will clear the driver’s leg room. Guessing from the location of DLC, car manufacturers don’t much think of us using DLC while driving. However, OBD2 provides many sensors’ readings. Sometimes it is necessary to monitor them while driving for diagnostics. Once again, on most cars the location of OBD port is under the dash. The cable of scan tools bothers your driving more or less. Even if you use a wireless OBD interface, you could kick it and break either DLC or an interface. Or it could fall down itself by its own weight. If DLC is away from leg room, you will never worry about something mentioned above. And the benefit is not only a smooth and comfort diagnostics, but also for your safety.

DLCs are usually snapped or screwed on the panel under the dash. You can pry out or unscrew and tuck it in the panel where it won’t disturb your driving. But in this way, it might be more difficult to access to DLC. And the cable of the scan tool would be still in driver’s leg room.

So you need to move DLC away from the leg room anyway.

OBD Extension Cable

Extension cable will solve all problems. Choose the length that is long enough to bring DLC to your desired place. You can tape or make the cable run inside the panel. This cable has right-angle connector on DLC side. The right angle connector sticks out less than the straight connector. Available sizes(length) are 60cm/2′, 100cm/3.28′, and 180cm/6

There is even splitter cable available. But you need to make sure that devices you plan to use can work together at the same time.

Moving the Location of OBD Port | Making Easy Access
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