PLX Devices Multi Gauge DM-100 OBD II is the world’s most versatile automotive gauge. This highly configurable and high performance gauge can also work as an OBD scan tool and code reader. PLX DM 100 OBD 2 fits into most aftermarket cups size 2-1/16″ or 52mm.

4 button remote is included, which navigates PLX DM 100 OBD 2. In gauge mode, you can change the style of gauge, analog style, numeric style, plot style, 4-parameter style. PLX DM 100 OBD 2 has already 4 sensor modules built-in, which means the gauge can show 4 sensor parameter from OBD port or from sensor modules if you installed. The parameters provided through OBD port is vary from vehicle to vehicle. But in most vehicles, the following sensors can be read through OBD port. If you need other sensor parameters, you can add up to 16 PLX Device sensor modules.

  • RPM
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Throttle Position
  • Engine Load
  • Engine Timing
  • Air Intake Temperature
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Ambient Air Temperature
  • Intake Pressure (MAP)
  • Air Flow (MAF) Volume
  • Fuel Level
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Catalytic Converter Temperature
  • ECU Voltage
  • OBD Type
  • Short Term Fuel Trim (Bank 1)
  • Long Term Fuel Trim (Bank 1)
  • Short Term Fuel Trim (Bank 2)
  • Long Term Fuel Trim (Bank 2)
  • Oxygen Sensor Voltage (Bank 1)
  • Oxygen Sensor Voltage (Bank 2)
  • Oxygen Sensor Voltage (Bank 1)
  • Oxygen Sensor Voltage (Bank 2)

In OBDII sensor mode, you can see all parameters supported by OBD2 system. You can read and clear diagnostics trouble codes. The gauge can’t show codes’ definitions. But you can connect to PC. With professional OBD II software, you will be able to perform complete diagnostics.

The sizes other than 2-1/16″ / 50mm (PLX DM 100 OBD2),  2-3/8″ / 60mm (PLX DM 200 OBD 2) and also available The Combo Kit (PLX DM 100 OBD 2 and SM-Vac/Boost).

PLX Devices Multi Gauge | DM-100 OBD II
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