There are some posts on forums about an issue of OBDLink MX sleep mode. If you have this issue, this post may help, continue to read.

How does it work?

OBDlink MX automatically goes into sleep mode after a period of inactivity to save vehicle’s battery. The feature, BatterySaver, allows you to keep the adapter plugged without draining vehicle’s battery.

How long does it take to sleep after the engine shuts off?

The manufacturer doesn’t provide a specific number for this question. That’s because it varies by models, makes, or situations. However, in my tests, it’s at most 10 minutes.

Indication of Sleep Mode

When it’s in sleep mode, the leftmost LED (green, power) flashes briefly every a few seconds. All of the other LEDs are off.

How to check properly

Opening a door, unlocking a door, deactivate an alarm, or opening OBD apps in Bluetooth range, etc. For most cars, these actions wake up the adapter. So, you need to see the adapter through the window. If it’s impossible to see the adapter from outside of a car, place a mirror or use an extension cable.

Torque Pro?

Reportedly, Torque app may prevent the adapter from going to sleep. This may be correct. Torque Pro has a setting for power savings. From the home screen, open menu, choose Settings, and then you can choose the option. Here is what it says.

ScanTool.net (OBDLink) Power Savings

Allow the OBD chip to go to sleep after 600secs idle and stable voltage (<+/-0.1v ripple) (saves power if leaving the device connected all the time, for ScanTool.net OBDLink only)

As long as Torque is open, the adapter never goes to sleep. And as long as an Android device is in range, Torque never goes to idle. As a description says, it needs 600 sec idle and stable voltage. However, Torque doesn’t have the option to let it idle (Exit or stay connected.) To do this, you need to take the Android device out of range. When Torque is idle, the adapter will successfully go to sleep in less than 10 minutes.

Say, you are coming back to your car with an Android device. Once it’s in range, Torque will automatically connect to the adapter (but not to car’s computer yet.) After you start a car, the adapter is fully linked to your car’s computer.

Exit Torque

If you park your car, and you stay in Bluetooth range, Torque never goes to idle. So you need to exit Torque to let the adapter go to sleep mode. In the home screen, press back button and a popup says, ” Quit Torque – Are you sure you want to exit Torque?” Press “OK” and the adapter will go to sleep in less than 10 minutes.

What if power savings setting in Torque is off?

What if you leave the box unchecked? (the box of “ScanTool.net (OBDLink) Power Savings” setting.) Whether you check the box or not, the adapter behaves in the same way. With your mobile device in range, unless you exit Torque, the adapter stays on. If you have your mobile device in range, you will need to exit Torque in either way.

What about OBDLink app?

OBDLink is one of the OBD apps that works with OBDLink-line adapters only. The app has many features. You can customize display just like Torque. With this app, the adapter successfully goes to sleep. After you turn the ignition off, the app automatically disconnects the adapter. Then the adapter will sleep in less than 10 minutes. (If you connect to the adapter after turning off the ignition, it may stay connected. And it may not go to sleep.)

Never sleep whatsoever?

The adapter never turns off, Solid green LED (power) and blinking blue LED (Bluetooth.) It happens to my adapter during this research. Probably, changing the power saving setting of Torque many times caused it. But, don’t worry. Do a factory reset and it will restore all default settings. (A factory reset procedure: Press and hold a button on the adapter for 15 seconds.)

My Thought

Unlike OBDLink, it seems that Torque can’t tell the ignition turns off. As a result, Torque keeps connected to the adapter and doesn’t let it sleep. Or it might be that Torque would need more time to disconnect to the adapter (=go to idle.) As far as I can tell, it doesn’t happen in 10 minutes. This Torque’s power savings setting is kind of confusing and vague. But, what is a big deal? There is no reason to leave Torque running in the background when no use. All you need to do is exit Torque to let the adapter go to sleep. Even if you forget it, a few blinking LEDs are not likely to kill the battery overnight.

OBDLink MX not going to sleep?
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