obdlink lx in a boxScanTool.net LLC released a new OBDLink Scan Tool, OBDLink LX. This newest OBDLink-line adapter is a budget version of the awesome OBDLink MX. It is about a half price. Its price doesn’t make LX inferior to MX at all. The difference between LX and MX is only that LX can’t access to the proprietary Ford and GM protocols. (Ford MSC & GM LAN, no problem with accessing to the standard OBDII) A high data transfer speed can show all gauges running smoothly and quickly, as fast as MX. It is a great advantage over cheap ELM OBD adapters especially when you need data analysis, logging, etc.

In addition to the feature above, LX also has BatterySaver technology, which allow you to keep the device plugged to an OBD port without draining the battery. It automatically goes into sleep mode when no use and wakes up when detecting voltage.

Free software comes with the purchase, too. OBDLink app for android and OBDWiz for Windows. OBDLink is a free app, but OBDWiz is a great deal because most of decent Windows OBD software is usually expensive.

obdlink lx frontThe design and size are exactly the same as OBDLink MX except their color. There are Indicator LEDs and a small button on the front face. The button is used for forcing the device to wake up or performing a factory reset.

Manufacturer’s 90 day no-hassle money back guarantee, and a 3 year  repair or replace  warranty

$99.95 is the original price. The price dropped! You will get more than 30% off at amazon.com.

New OBDLink Scan Tool – OBDLink LX by ScanTool.net
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