Track Recorder is a plug-in for Torque android app (this plug-in need the full version of Torque app). You can overlay a video with obd sensor’s data. You can analyze your driving by watch videos later. The sensor’s data that you can add depends on vehicles. As long as the data is by Torque, you can add and place anywhere you like in any style you like, just like regular Torque screen. Torque Track Recorder has the best recording features.

Gauges are not the only things the app can overlay, but also semi-transparent maps by Google. You can watch your position on a map with live Street View at the same time.

Videos can be recorded in high-definition or low-definition.

Adding gauges is pretty simple. Press and hold the touch screen of your cell phone or tablet, and the pop-up window shows up so you can select either add, delete, or move the gauge.

If you want to save gas money, this will reveal all your driving habit, and you will know when to stop unnecessary acceleration. If you are a racing driver, this will be a great help to improve your lap time.

Again, this plug-in works with the only full (paid) version of Torque app.

Torque Track Recorder (plug-in)
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